Make up

  1. to put makeup on someone. You have to make the clowns up before you start on the other characters in the play. Did you make up the clowns? 
  2. to redo something; to do something that one has failed to do in the past. Can I make the lost time up? Can I make up the test that I missed? 
  3. to assemble something. We will ship the parts to China where we will make up the computers with cheap labor. 
  4. to think up something; to make and tell a lie. That's not true! You just made that up! I didn't make it up! You made up that story! 
  5. to mix something up; to assemble something. John: Is my prescription ready? Druggist: No, I haven't made it up yet.I'll make up your prescription in a minute. 
  6. to put on makeup. I have to go make up before Joe comes to pick me up. 
  7. to constitute something. Two chapters make up this volume. Over forty freight cars made up the train. 
  8. to apologize to someone. It's too late to make up Tom. I think you should go make up to Ferry. 
  9. to try to become friends with someone. Look how the cat is making up to Richard! Jimmy is making up to Donna,and she doesn't even notice. 
  10. to reconcile with someone; to end a disagreement (with someone). Bill and Max decided to make up. They made up with each other and are now very good friends.

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