The Best Free Website for Learning English

This website will help you to learn English for free. It includes:

1. English Tests for practicing English grammar; English phrases, idioms, phrasal verbs; comprehension of the English language. You need to choose the right answer. If your answer is wrong - the button will be red color. If you take the right answer - you will get a new task. There are over 6000 different tasks. It's recommended to take these tests at least 10 minutes a day. GO▶️

2. English idioms
, phrases, and expressions of the English language will make your speech beautiful. The collection contains 1000 most frequently used English words, phrases, idioms, phrasal verbs that will bring your English to a higher level. GO▶️

3. English Grammar Lessons: all the most important grammar rules with video and examples. GO▶️

4. English Videos with subtitles. Regular video watching will improve your listening skills. Each video has a script in English. There are around 1000 interesting and inspiring videos. GO▶️

5. English texts for reading and translating. This is a traditional activity that will enrich your vocabulary. All texts are divided by levels. And if you read aloud it also will improve your speaking skill. GO▶️

6. English Songs with lyrics. GO▶️

7. English Movies and Series GO▶️