Linsey Pollak: Carrot clarinet

Good Morning. There's a lot of people here. It must be because I'm wearing my red shirt. (Laughter) Hmm... I brought a carrot and I'm going to give you a quick 4:43, 4:42 instruction on how to make your own clarinet from a carrot. A really good definition that I like of creativity is the putting together of two previously unrelated things -- objects or ideas -- in creating something new. So I'm going to take a carrot and a saxophone mouthpiece. And I'm going to give you a very quick demonstration on how to make your own instrument. Because I think the thing we forget is we tend -- crazy, because music is such a communal activity -- but we tend to leave music in the hands of the experts, and we, all of us, consume music. But you yourselves can become carrot clarinet players very easily. So, you need a kitchen knife. I'm going to cut off the end of the carrot. And I do have my trusty carrot clarinet measuring stick here, which is giving me all my measurements. But you can actually go to YouTube. I've put all measurements up on YouTube. You just need to type in: "make your own carrot clarinet". (Laughter) So, these are my markings for 6 finger holes down the front. I'm just using the tip of this 12mm bit. I'm giving you some... You don't even have to go to Youtube. You see, you've got just to remember that. You can make a mark in your app. Okay, so that's 6 finger holes and 1 thumb hole on the back. Marking... Okay, now the tricky part. (Laughter) (Electric drill sound) Okay, here we go. I've got a bowl here, so I don't make too much a mess of this stage. And... into the center. (Laughter) (Laughter) (Laughter) Getting there, half way through. One more, I reckon. (Laughter) (Cheers and applause) So, you're laughing, and I understand. Setting the middle bit now. So, that's for the finger holes. Let's do the thumb hole first. And now the 6 finger holes that you noticed that I've marked. So... You do need -- I'm actually using a saxophone mouthpiece, I mentioned, but it's still a clarinet because of its cylindrical bore, not conical. (Laughter) (Laughter) (Laughter) (Cheers and applause) Ah...Sorry we've run out of time, I have to go... (Laughter) I have got 57 seconds left! Here we go. (Clarinet sound) (Cheers and applause) (Cheers and applause)

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