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Satoshi Nakamoto toiled in secret for years to develop and launch the digital currency bitcoin. Nakamoto was very careful to cover his tracks No one knows the identity of Bitcoin's creator A few years after the launch of Bitcoin, Satoshi went dark, and hasn't been heard from since 2011. Whoever Nakamoto is, he controls hundreds of millions of dollars in untraceable bitcoins. For 70 years on Edgar Allen Poe's birthday, a masked figure would raise a toast over Poe's grave. before vanishing The "Poe Toaster as he is now known, would also place 3 roses on the grave to pay his respects For unknown reasons, he hasn't been sighted since 2010 The assassination of John F. Kennedy is an event riddled with strange coincidences and mystery one sinister figure spotted in photographs is simply known as the "Umbrella Man" during the assassination, the man is the only person carrying an umbrella, on a clearly sunny day He is one of the closest bystanders to the shooting in photos he can be seen lifting his umbrella up high other photos show him spinning his umbrella clockwise right as Kennedy's assassin takes his shot the Umbrella Man's identity is still not definitively known In France during the 1880's, a young woman's body was pulled out of the river Seine the coroner thought she was very beautiful and made a wax plaster mask cast out of her face her real identity was never discovered, but her face is now famous worldwide thanks to CPR when a Norwegian toy maker was creating the first CPR doll, he used the Seine Woman's face her face is now on nearly every CPR doll in circulation and is the most kissed face in history Dan Cooper is the alias of the only hijacker in US aviation history to escape capture Cooper hijacked a Boeing 727 with an explosive in his briefcase, and demanded $200,000 in cash after his demands were met he leaped mid flight from the plane's rear staircase into darkness. The two fighter jets following the hijacked aircraft never saw Cooper parachute into the night despite a massive manhunt across the US, Cooper and the cash were never found to this day no one knows the identity or the fate of the man who hijacked a plane, and got away In the 1790's French prisoners in the Bastille noticed a special prisoner who wore an iron mask the masked prisoner wore his iron mask at all times and was forbidden to speak for mysterious reasons the only information in his prison file consists of one line: his prisoner number most experts speculate the man was an important high level prisoner who may have been ex-royalty the man died in captivity, without ever revealing his crimes In 1989 student protesters in Tienanmen square caused the Chinese government to declare martial law the crackdown was brutal, government forces used tanks and live ammunition against protesters an unknown man is shown in this photograph in front of a column of tanks, refusing to move he can be seen waving the tanks away in an incredible act of defiance and bravery however, the identity and fate of this man is completely unknown in 1593 a Spanish palace guard named Gil Perez was on duty after the assassination of the local governor Chinese pirates had killed the governor of Manila the night before Perez fell asleep for a moment and when he awoke he found himself in an unfamiliar place he was approached by men asking who he was, and he discovered he was in Mexico City's Plaza Mayor he informed the authorities the governor of Manila had been assassinated two months later, news arrived from the Philippines by ship confirming his story little is known about Perez and his apparent teleportation from Manila to Mexico City another mysterious person from the Kennedy assassination is the lady wearing a babushka filming from the roadside due to the Babushka lady likely having close up and detailed footage of the assassination the FBI requested that the unknown woman come forward, and turn over her footage the woman never came forward, and her footage has never been found she is last scene in photos walking away from the crime scene, towards Elm Street the Zodiac Killer was a deranged serial killer who openly taunted law enforcement with coded letters he would often brag in his letters about how many people he had killed the Zodiac killer claimed to have murdered 37 people but only 7 have been definitively traced to him the Zodiac's murders throughout the 1960's and 1970's were never solved and his identity is still unknown

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