Who drinks the most Coca-Cola

Who drinks the most Coca-Cola
Jim Morrison, of the 60's rock group The Doors, was the first rock star to be arrested on stage.
For one day in 1998, Topeka, Kansas, renamed itself “ToPikachu” to mark Pokemon's U.S. debut.
The U.S. bought Alaska for 2 cents an acre from Russia.
In the 1700s, "macaroni" was a slang term for a fashionable man.
98% of people in Japan are cremated.
California has issued 6 drivers licenses to people named “Jesus Christ.”
The top of the Eiffel Tower leans away from the sun, as the metal facing the sun heats up and expands. It can move as much as 7 inches.
In 14th-century England, children were baptised in cider.
Australian soldiers used the song “We're Off to See the Wizard” as a marching song in WWII.
NASA estimates that the near-Earth asteroid, Eros, contains 20 billion tonnes of gold.
During the 17th Century, the Sultan of Turkey ordered his whole harem of women to be drowned and replaced with a new one.
In ancient Egypt, servants were covered in honey so as to attract flies away from pharaoh.
Christmas Day is the number one day for heart attacks worldwide, followed by December 26th and then New Year's Day.
The female lion does 90% of the hunting for the pride.
Icelanders consume more Coca-Cola per Capita than any other nation.

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