This is Russia

This is Russia It's beautiful Very beautiful Old but New Full of drive Cultural Multi-cultural Cross-cultural Big Very big Genuine Glamorous Time-conscious And sometimes fast With good appetite Natural Cold Hot Smart Rich Very rich The champion Steady Ready for anything Creative And talented Curious Modest But hungry Very hungry Promising And very generous Very very generous So different and so new - no wonder you want to open it. But so different and so new - you will never know what's inside You never know... what attitude is behind business in Russia Race Fun Fight Circus Good company Reward You never know... what way your negotiations goes in Russia Formal Informal Relax Extreme Superextreme You never know... what is the best guarantee in Russia A paper Two papers A paper giving guarantee to the previous two Money Big money Signature + a stamp Good relationships Very good relationships Family relationships Customs in Russia: you never know You never know when You never know where You never know what You never know who You never know how... much time and efforts it takes You never know... how time goes in Russia Sometimes time just stops Time is not just money - it's big money At the same time - time is nothing Time depends on the mood Five minutes could turn to five hours Deadline could be final and could be not The work start doesn't mean that everybody starts Deadline is the line you go along not the one you cross How much time it's now in Russia You never know how Russians finally managed to do it on time Staff in Russia: you never know Who does the work Who is responsible Who will stay loyal What is Russian capable of You never know... what skills you will get making business in Russia To get dressed warmer To look deeper To drink more To sleep less To speak Russian without accent So open Russia with the one who knows it best We are proud and happy these brands already did: More than 600 stores per year Best established reputation Best quality engineering solutions Best project management Join us Open Russia with us Let's open Russia!

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