100 Years of Beauty

And take a look. I'm Kristie, and I'm Tavis. And we know each other because we're getting married. In a month. I mean I'm not really nervous about the idea of marriage, I'm just ready for that already. Yeah not anymore. Um. Now we're a month out we're ready, we're just ready... We're both just ready to get this show on the road. We're gonna be able to show people this, like our our, like our kids, or like you know our family. Like this is what we'll look like. My mom thinks this is the coolest thing ever and she was like, "But what a treat for us because we will probably be gone when you're that age, and we'll get to see what you would maybe look like. How cool." Neat way to think about it. Are you ready for this? Yeah! Let's do it. Hi. Hey. I hope you look like this, oh thanks, you look fantastic. What? Yeah I'm gonna look just like my mother one day. Oh my god. Okay, so I need to start using sunscreen that's definitely it. We're gonna have a pretty stereotypical life. I mean we already have a rescue pitbull and we drive a Suburu. So we'll probably have a couple a teenagers. Ugh. That'll be rough. That'll be terrible. We'll be on the PTA, oh god that sounds so weird. And, take a look. How are you doing? You've been in the sun. You're eyebrows! I'm pretty happy with the way she looks yeah. You look a lot older than I thought you would. I look like my grandma. Oh my god, I did not age well. I hope I'm taking better care of your hair at this age. I don't know, I can't help but think about what the potential last 50 years were. Like to see her look like this makes me just think where we've gone to be next to each other, at the, looking like this. What would have happened in between. We'll have kids and grandkids, and so many stories. Yeah, and we'll be forgetting things, so many things we'll have to take care of each other. yeah. I don't know , it's just sort of really kind of an affecting thing to see someone that you've know since you were, I don't know 19, look in their 70's. and imagine what life would be like then. Hi. You look fantastic. You don't look a day over 75. Really? You do, but... Oh wow! What an incredible thing to see. This is a pretty good head of hair. Oh my god What do you think? I look pretty darn good. I do to! Yeah, when I smile I look like a very jolly old man and when I don't smile I look like a stern asshole. I gotta be honest. No, we'll be tired. I'll still try. You probably will. I'll still try. Last words, that's really intense. I guess I would always wanna make sure he knew how much I loved him, and how important he's been to me. You just made me a better person. There's so many things that I couldn't be without you, and will never be without you. We should write these down, cause we're writing our own vows. Use them in a month! We should be. I don't know, there's some like strange like, comforting feeling seeing him this way. Holy crap. It's just I don't know like, especially being about to get married and embarking on all that, it's like I just couldn't be more sure that this is what I want. Feels weird. It does. Don't look at me. Smallest lips to kiss.

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