Past Simple

Positive: I woke up early yesterday.
You ate 3 hours ago.
We lived in London in 2005.
They went away last week.
He worked in bank 2005 – 2010.
She cooked soup yesterday.
It rained a lot last autumn.

I didn’t wake up early yesterday.
You didn’t eat 3 hours ago.
We didn’t live in London in 2005.
They didn’t go away last week.
He didn’t work in bank 2005 – 2010.
She didn’t cook soup yesterday.
It didn’t rain a lot last autumn.

Did I wake up early yesterday?
Did you eat 3 hours ago?
Did we live in London in 2005?
Did they go away last week?
Did he work in bank 2005 – 2010?
Did she cook soup yesterday?
Did it rain a lot last autumn?

Usage: Very often the past simple ends in -ed (regular verbs). But many verbs are irregular. They do not end in -ed. In this case you need to learn the list of irregular verbs.

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