Present Simple

I usually wake up early.
You seldom eat after 8 pm.
We live on a beautiful planet.
They often go away at weekends.
He always gets to work on time.
She cooks every day.
It rains a lot in autumn.

I don’t wake up early.
You don’t eat after 8 pm.
We don’t live on the Moon.
They don’t go away at weekends.
He doesn’t get to work on time.
She doesn’t cook.
It doesn’t rain a lot in summer.

Do I wake up early?
Do you eat after 8 pm?
Do we live on the Moon?
Do they go away at weekends?
Does he get to work on time?
Does she cook?
Does it rain a lot in summer?

Usage: We use the present simple to talk about things in general. We use it to say that something happens all the time or repeatedly, or that something is true in general.

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