Don’t forget to use pronoun 'it'

'It' is impersonal pronoun in English. We use it for time / day / distance / weather / etc Time
What time is it? It’s half past ten. It’s late. It’s time to go home.

What day is it? It’s Thursday. It’s 16 March. It was my birthday yesterday.

It’s 3 km from house to city centre. How far is it from New York to Los Angeles?

It’s raining. It’s warm here. It’s a nice day today. Is it snowing?

It’s … to…
It’s nice to see you again. It wasn’t so easy to find your house.

there & it
I don’t like this house. There is nothing to do here. It’s boring.

Don’t forget 'it'
It is raining again. Is raining again. Is it true that you are going away? Is true that…?

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