Future Continuous

I will be driving at this time.
You will be watching this video.
We’ll be eating when she comes.
They will be working at 11am.
He will be enjoying the party.
She will be cooking tonight.
It’ll be raining tomorrow at 5 pm.

I will not be driving at this time.
You won’t be watching this video.
We won’t be eating at that time.
They will not be working at 2am.
He will not be enjoying the party.
She will not be cookingtonight.
It will not be raining at 6 pm.

Will I be driving at this time?
Will you be watching this video?
Will we be eating at that time?
Will they be working at 9am?
Will he be enjoying the party?
Will she be cooking tonight?
Will it be raining at 7 pm?

Usage: We use the future continuous tense when something will be happening at a certain time. It refers to an unfinished action or event that will be in progress at a time later than now.

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