Future Perfect Continuous

My hands will be dirty, I will have been repairing my bike.
We will have been learning English for 6 months by New Year.
He will have been running. He will be out of breath.
They will have been playing tennis for 5 hours.
The ground will be wet. It will have been raining.

My hands won’t be dirty. I will not have been repairing my bike.
We will not have been learning English for 6 months.
He will not have been running. He won’t be out of breath.
They will not have been playing tennis that long.
The ground will be dry. It will not have been raining.

Will your hands be dirty? Will you have been repairing your bike?
How long will we have been learning English in total?
Will he have been running all time? He will be out of breath.
How long will they have been playing tennis when they finish?
Will the ground be wet? Will it have been raining?

Usage: We use the Future Perfect Continuous tense for describing actions that will continue up until some certain point in the future.

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