I am, I don't. Way to say shorter

Sometimes you can speak laconically by building shorter sentences in English. It is not necessary to repeat certain words. Usually these are words that have already been pronounced in the previous sentence or are implied by themselves, following from the context of the situation.

I haven’t got a car but my sister has.
I haven’t got a car but my sister has got a car.

Are you tired? I was, but I’m not now.
I was tired, but I’m not tired now.

Will she phone us tonight? She might.
She might phone us tonight.

My sister drives a car, but I don’t.
My sister drives a car, but I don’t drive a car.

Will he come? Yes, he will. No, he won’t.
Yes, he will come. No, he won’t come.

Did it rain yesterday? No, it didn’t.
No, it didn’t rain yesterday.

Is there bus to the airport? Yes, there is.
There is a bus to the airport.

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