Modal verb: would

I would buy a house in the seashore.
I wouldn’t tell them anything about my plans.
We use ‘would’ or ‘would not’ when we imagine a situation or action.

I don’t know what I would have done without help.
You wouldn’t have come anyway. I didn’t call you.
‘would have done’ is the past form of modal verb ‘would’.

I would call Lisa if I knew her number.
I would have called Lisa if I had known her number.
We use ‘would’ or ‘would have done’ in conditional sentences.

She said she would call me tomorrow.
He promised that he wouldn’t be late.
Sometimes ‘would’ is past form of ‘will’. For example in reported speech.

We often use ‘would’ in expressions like ‘Would you like…?’ or ‘I’d like…’

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