Passive Voice

Present Simple
The room is cleaned every day.
The room is not cleaned everyday.
Is the room cleaned every day?

Past Simple
The room was cleaned yesterday.
The room was not cleaned yesterday.
Was the room cleaned yesterday?

Future Simple
The room will be cleaned tomorrow.
The room will not be cleaned tomorrow.
Will the room be cleaned tomorrow?

Present Continuous
The room is being cleaned at the moment.
The room is not being cleaned at the moment.
Is the room being cleaned at the moment?

Past Continuous
The room was being cleaned yesterday at 5 pm.
The room was not being cleaned yesterday at 5 pm.
Was the room being cleaned yesterday at 5 pm?

Present Perfect
The room has been cleaned . It looks nice.
The room has not been cleaned yet. It doesn’t look nice.
Has the room been cleaned yet? Does it look nice?

Past Perfect
The room had been cleaned . It looked nice.
The room had not been cleaned . It didn’t look nice.
Had the room been cleaned ? Did it look nice?

Future Perfect
The room will have been cleaned. It will look nice.
The room will have not been cleaned . It won’t look nice.
Will the room have been cleaned ? Will it look nice?

Other Tenses: Generally, we avoid using passive voice with Future Continuous, Present Perfect Continuous, Past Perfect Continuous, Future Perfect Continuous, because these forms of passive voice are not quite common and sound not really natural.

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