Past Continuous

I was driving at that moment.
You were watching this video.
We were eating when she came.
They were working at 11am.
He was enjoying the party.
She was cookingin the morning.
It was raining yesterday at 5 pm.

I was not driving at that moment.
You were not watching this video.
We weren’t eating at that time.
They were not working at 10am.
He was not enjoying the party.
She wasn’t cooking at lunchtime.
It was not raining at 6 pm.

Was I driving at that moment?
Were you watching this video?
Were we eating at that time?
Were they working at 9am?
Was he enjoying the party?
Was she cooking at noon?
Was it raining when you came?

Usage: We use the past continuous tense when something was happening at a certain time, in the middle of process. The action had started and had not finished.

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