Past Perfect Continuous

My hands were dirty, I had been repairing my bike.
We had been learning English for 6 months before we dropped out.
He had been running. He was out of breath.
They had been playing tennis since 12 o’clock and were tired.
The ground was wet, but it was not raining. It had been raining.

My hands were not dirty. I had not been repairing my bike.
We had not been learning English for 6 months.
He had not been running. He was not out of breath.
They had not been playing tennis since 12 o’clock.
The ground was dry, and it was not raining. It had not been raining.

Your hands were dirty. Had you been repairing your bike?
How long had we been learning English at school?
Had he been running? He was out of breath.
How long had they been playing tennis till they got tired?
The ground was wet. Had it been raining?

Usage: We use the Past Perfect Continuous tense to show that something started in the past and continued up until another time in the past.

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