Present Continuous

I am driving at this moment.
You are watching this video.
We are having dinner now.
They are working today.
He is enjoyingthe party.
She is cooking at the moment.
It is raining. Take umbrella.

I am not driving at this moment.
You are not watching this video.
We are not having dinner now.
They are not working today.
He is not enjoying the party.
She is not cooking at the moment.
It is not raining any more.

Am I driving at this moment?
Are you watching this video?
Are we having dinner now?
Are they working today?
Is he enjoying the party?
Is she cooking at the moment?
Is it raining? No, it isn’t.

Usage: We use the present continuous tense when something is happening now. We use it to say that we are in the middle of process. We have started and haven’t finished.

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