Present Perfect

I have repaired it. So it’s OK now.
You have already met her.
We have just eaten.
They have been to Rome twice.
He has read 10 books this year.
She has  ridden a horse recently.
It has rained a lot this autumn.

have not repaired it. It’s broken.
You have not met her yet.
We have not eaten yet.
They have never been to Rome.
He has not read any book so far.
She hasn’t ridden a horse.
It hasn’t rained today.

Have I repaired it? Is it OK?
Have you met her yet?
Have we eaten all food yet?
Have they ever been to Rome?
Has he read any new book?
Has she ridden a horse?
Has it rained a lot this week?

Usage: We use the present Perfect for an action in the past with a result NOW. A completed action has been finished. It can be life experience and how many times we’ve done it.

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