Used to do something & be used to something

Used to do something
Tom used to play tennis a lot, but he doesn’t play much nowadays.
Tom didn’t use to play tennis a lot when he was a child.
Did Tom use to play tennis a lot when he was a child?

Usage: We say ‘use to do’ when something happened often in the past, but no longer happens. We use this grammatical construction only for the past.

Notice: after ‘used to’ we say verb.

To be used to something or to get used to something
She is used to living alone.
She is not used to New York.
Are you used to it?
She got used to living alone.
She did not get used to the city.
Did you get used to it?

Usage: We say ‘to be use to’ or ‘to get use to’ when we accustomed to something and it’s not new for us. It can be used in different tenses and with other constructions.

Notice: after ‘to be used to’ we don’t say verb. It can be noun, pronoun or gerund.

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