How to learn to speak English

Many people learn English at schools and universities, visit language studios, hire private tutors. But far not all of them can still speak English and comprehend it.

In this article the main principles, that would help everybody to learn English to be able to speak grammatically correct and understand English language in everyday life, will be highlighted.

1. There are natural and essential laws of language acquisition. Look at children how they learn languages. First they listen a lot, then they try to speak. On this way adults help then and teach them to speak correctly. When they grow up they go to school and learn grammar and language specifics.
So the right order to learn English is to listen a lot and try to repeat. Such exercises as grammar and reading go after that.

2. Some people believe that they don't have talents to learn English. Thats not true. All people in your country can speak your native language. It doesn't depend on IQ level, memory capacity, and other mind qualities. So everybody including you can learn English. Language is just a skill to understand and speak.

3. It's impotant to make it a habit to learn English everyday. Make sure that you can dedicate 60 minutes a day to learning English.  It doesn't matter if you visit some English classes or learn English by yourself. And it would be common mistake to do nothing couple days and to learn many hours at the last day before your next class or your individual exercises.

4. So within these 60 minutes 70% of time you should focus on listening and speaking. For listenning you can use:
a. English videos with subtitles, just make it a habit to watch such videos, subtitles will help you to understand and enjoy the video. Don't be upset if you understand nothing in the very beginning.  After a while your comprehention skill will grow and you will understand English better and better.
b. Audio programm. The best one is Rosetta Stone, that will help you to develope listening and speaking skills up to intermidiate level.
Other time you can dedicate to grammar and reading.
c. For grammar learning the best tutorial with exercises is 'Grammar in use' by R. Murphy. There also good video lessons and practice tests.
d. For reading you can pick up any book according your interest. For example, 'Across cultures' by E. Sharman

5. After completing mentioned exercises, that will take you for about 6-9 months, you can go to the next level - habit to use English. Every day watch 1 episode of TV shows in English. And find someone for language exchange and opportunities to travel.

PS. If you have questions you can leave a comment bellow. And if you'll have questions along your study of English language you can youse the help of professional tutors by placing you question to this English forum
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