Dr. Bruce Lipton: If people knew this, pharmacies would not exist

It took about 20 years before science owned what I was talking about If you understand epigenetics you don't need the pharmaceutical industry That's not in the interest of the you know One of the biggest industries on this planet to say you can heal yourself without drugs I go absolutely Look I can feed you with an idea that this pill that we just got from the pharmaceutical company it's the greatest best thing for your issue and I give you this pill and you get better And then later you find out it was a sugar pill and everybody goes "Yeah, that's called the placebo effect". I go. What does it really mean? I said you didn't get healed by the pill you got healed by the belief in the pill at least one third minimum of one third of all medical intervention is It's a placebo effect where the healing come from. Everybody goes "Yeah, I know about the placebo" I go Yeah, but that's a result of positive thinking What about negative thinking? And this is what we don't talk about but the reality is it's equally powerful in regard to affecting your biology as it's Positive thinking but it works in the opposite direction a negative thought is called the nocebo effect It can cause any disease and and you can die if you believe you're gonna die you can die from the belief so we really have to watch out because a psychologist would tell us 70% or more of our thoughts are negative and redundantly. We're playing the same negative thoughts I go if Thoughts had nothing to do with it fine But thoughts positive or negative shape our biology and all of a sudden it says well Now it's time to wake up because our negative thinking is is manifesting a negative life experience It took about 20 years Before science owned what I was talking about and gave it the name epigenetics. That's the new science Okay, which is the belief that through your behavior You can kind of alter your genetics pass those on express it differently. I'm probably using the wrong words both pretty close, right? People talk about it as a reality. Although it's still not totally understood or totally believed I But it can be replicated It is now it is a science it's a hard science and it's the leading edge now I'll tell you where the problem comes from not so much the scientist but the pharmaceutical industry And the reason why this becomes important is because the pharmaceutical industry runs the show in medicine and If you could put this kind of healing that I'm talking about into a capsule or tablet, they'd be talking about it right now But this is a consciousness healing and and you can't sell it And so what's the result they're not interested in it and they through their money which is massive actually determine the Curriculum in a medical school. And one of the things they're trying to get rid of are people who respond to the placebo effect Because the placebo effect throws the data right off the chart. A simple fact is this and people might be upset But drugs like Prozac in laboratory tests are no better than a sugar pill And that's... How many billions of dollars a day in this planet is spent buying Prozac or Statin drugs? Statin drugs help less than 3% of the people that take them and in fact They cause side effects that are dangerous in about 23% So you help 3% with a drug 23% are getting toxic from the drug And any ideas if these are drugs that.. How long do you take Statins? How long do you plan to live? Oh my god, that's a you know, they're drug dealers. Yeah. Look, it's advertised every 10 minutes on television There's a new drug or a drug and it's put into their heads. Like your life's not working right now this drug Look at the happy people see they've taken the drug and how happy they are and people buy that story and pharmaceutical drugs kill about 300,000 people a year and everybody's oh Oh that's just the cost of doing medicine and yet they have a war on drugs which kill less than 30,000 people a year and all of a sudden you got a war because 30,000 people died 300,000 people died. That's that's business as usual. Okay, how do we break this cycle? How do you fight these huge companies? Um, basically, stop buying the product and you say but how can I stop buying the product managers will empower yourself because you're the one that Controls all this any drug that affects you you gotta understand this if I take a drug and it affects me The reason why it affects me is because I have a natural equivalent of that drug in my own biology you don't take a drug and it affects you and you have a receptor for that drug like you were having this protein receptor for a drug that you may never take. That would be silly So if you have a receptor for a drug, then by definition that receptor was already there because there is a natural drug. So In smoking pot everyone. Oh, no, there's a drug called tetrahydrocannabinol and guess why you have receptors for it because you make your own So the idea is this well, if you want to have the effect of the drug, do you have to take an outside drug? I say no you have to change your consciousness because you already manufacture every equivalent of a drug right now and the idea is if you're not manufacturing then that means your consciousness is not Supporting you in your health and it's really an adjustment of consciousness not an adjustment of your biology

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