Jim Kwik: 10 Things that will change your life immediately

I'm going to go through really quickly to ten different things But what I want you to do is be able to memorize these ten things And so what we're gonna do is we're gonna go through and I'm gonna teach you this very quickly A way of putting it onto your body and we're gonna put it onto your body just for ease So I'm gonna give you the ten keys To having an ageless mind. Every single one of them, you've either heard me say or you intuitively know that these are important That's not the reason I'm saying it The reason I'm saying it is to take knowledge and turn it into power and I want you to take those ideas and have them Have real impact and what I want you to do is when I'm going through it I want you to cycle through and on a piece of paper Rate yourself on a scale of zero to ten how well am I doing in that category? One third of your memory is Predetermined by genetics and biology. Let's say two-thirds is in your control. These are the ten things I would focus on So the first one is a good brain diet Good brain diet. So on a scale of zero to ten What's an honest assessment if you're honest and true to yourself? Where are you on your diet? So we talked about the the most important foods for your brain that are neurological like protecting, they're Neuroprotective. So we're talking about avocados. We're talking about blueberries or what I call brain berries, right? We're talking about broccoli We're talking about eggs. If this is allowed by your diet. We're talking about coconut oil or olive oil We're talking about green leafy dark vegetables wild salmon if you're allowed to if that's part of your your your diet also as well Turmeric I do every morning. I do like an almond turmeric like tea right all these things are neuro protective number two killing ANTs automatic negative thoughts how well are you controlling your self-talk On a scale of zero to ten honestly even have you done this with me How strong are you zero to ten do your thoughts make a difference? Yes, or yes If I say constantly I'm getting too old. Is that gonna be self-fulfilling? Yes for you? Yes, if I say I'm forgetful I have a bad memory if you fight for your limitations you get to keep them So your mind is always eavesdropping on your self-talk. That's number two number three Exercise and really what we're talking about here is movement You're the number one function of your brain is to control your movement All right That's why we know there's not just a brain body connection but a body brain connection that using your body in different ways stimulates neurogenesis, it stimulates neuroplasticity It stimulates brain derived nootropic factors, which is the fertilizer for making new connections So you have to move but we live in a very sedentary life, right? I was reading this book talking about barefoot kids and how we're taking away seesaws and Sprint's, you know swings and all these things We're over protecting them and then we're putting them in a very sterile environment They're not moving as much right they're always on their devices and they're not getting the brain growth Right, and it's leaning to learning challenges so on but how much you're moving every single day? They say they say sitting is the new smoking Right, you do not want to sit eight hours a day and just and just study I'm gonna go through the rest fast number four brain nutrients brain vitamins Because we're at a...you know, we're traveling when I may even eat the best foods ever Are you supplementing with there are certain nutrients and I would just have I would make this a no-brainer I would just go to your functional medicine doctor and get like hormonal tests full-spectrum tests food Sensitivity and just see what your baseline is because I really do believe people are bio individual Like and I've seen all the research talk to so many Individuals find out what works for you because if you're the most important supplement is DHA for the brain DHA All right, that's number four number five positive peer group so rate yourself zero to ten How inspired encouraged challenged Energized are you by your peer group and again peer is choice I'm not talking about your family, but although they may be or your peer but the people that you choose, right? So either get a new group or choose who you're gonna let effect you positive peer group Because it really affects your your brain zero to ten Really fast number six clean environment how clean is your environment? How organized is it? Zero to ten. And you know this right is your external world? Reflected by your internal world and vice versa because it's a feedback loop Have you ever cleaned your room clean your desktop clean your work area and all of a sudden you have clarity of thought? the reason why I brought up the Boxing match is this is because I go over there We watch this fight and afterwards I was like, you know, I was me sitting here Sylvester Stallone on the couch here and then to his left was Arnold Schwarzenegger And I swear if you took a picture that like they'd be like who photoshopped that Asian dude in had that photo? But I was like What does it take to be a champion like those guys? And then Arnold said Jim the difference between the amateur and a champion Is a champion's willing to push past the pain period just like for those who did the exercise over the past few days? It's that intensity and getting in is there a pain period in a relationship? Is there a pain period sometimes in the health crisis is there pain period also in your business? multiple pain periods Right the ability to push past that's where the period is now because you've just in days and days here you feel like your attention Is wandering and going different places. This is the time when it counts just like with your workout, right? So if Lorenzo and his team's here, that would be that would be the goal. So that's number That's number six number seven sleep on On a scale of zero to ten. How good is your sleep? It's important for your brain three really simple reasons It's where you consolidate short to long-term memory. That's where you actually remember. You do not even when you're doing these workouts build your muscles when you're working out you build it when you rest Same thing with your mental muscles same thing with your memory So that's where you can solid a short to long-term memory the other reason why you sleep is it cleans plaque out that could lead to dementia and potentially brain aging challenges The last reason why is how you dream? Right your REM sleep your REM, your REM stages of your sleep That's very important because that's where your creativity that's where I'm telling you like We did a whole thing on super brain on how to remember your dreams But specifically why do you want to member your dreams because you learn all day your brain doesn't shut off at night It's it's more active at night. And so Elias Howe created a sewing machine in his dream You know Paul McCartney came out with the song "Yesterday" in his dream. Mary Shelley came up with Frankenstein in his dream periodic table came to a chemist in his dream What are you dreaming about at night that could solve a lot of the problems in your business in your life? But you forget it the next morning That's why the first thing I do in my morning routine is remember my dreams and six steps on how to do that We we talked about in Super brain. After that sleep eight brain protection. Are you protecting your brain? And I'm not just talking about about wearing a helmet in extreme sports. Yes, that's obvious I've had series of you know, traumatic brain injuries and concussions and all those challenges Yes, but I mean like things like EMFs like we did a podcast episode specifically talking about Electromagnetic fields and how it's affecting the brain. Is that affecting the brain you think do you think it's norm? Do you think we evolved or born to be able to be able to handle all the electricity that's coming out of these smart devices? You know, I read recently that over 90% of kids sleep with their phones underneath their pillows right? Not on airplane mode, right? So it's big big big challenge We just did two videos on that have four million views in just a matter of weeks. You should watch watch those videos EMFs protect your brain number nine new learnings new learnings Meaning that you might have seen the longevity This is a longevity conference on the cover of Time magazine where there was this study on nuns Who were living 80 90 and above. What was the secret to their longevity? First part part of it was their emotional faith gratitude the other half lifelong learners These group of women were just learning everyday reading every day having deep conversations doing the work every single day It added years to their life and Life to their years. So always learning and I'm preaching the choir here But I know for a fact most of you could actually push it even more Alright, that's how you create neurogenesis and neuroplasticity. If you want to know the secret to having an ageless mine Neurogenesis says you could create new brain cells to the day you die Neuroplasticity is saying if you create new connections to the day you die The two most important factors outside of sleep that's going to promote neurogenesis neuroplasticity novelty and nutrition just like your body you have to give it novelty or Stimulus and you have to give it nutrition and feed that muscle. Does that make sense? Same thing with your mental muscles, so novelty of movement novelty of ideas But most people as we grow older and I mean chronological age we shut down because we feel like we know everything right? So there's no novelty that's there. There's a Rumi quote that says "Sell your cleverness for bewilderment" Like when's the last time you felt bewildered? remember You don't have creativity or have focus or have a memory or have bewilderment Or have love or have motivation or have energy you do those things You do energy you do creativity do focus you do bewilderment so we're taking nouns turning into verbs and we're taking a structure a process a strategy and now you can replicate that at will and finally the last thing number 10 stress management And this is the invisible one, right? nobody wants to talk about But you're under a how many people didn't realize how much stress they were under until they were like hanging out here on the beach Because because it's like fish they don't see the water because it's there all the time But we are under so much environmental stress pollutants, environment stress, emotional stress, work stress cognitive stress financial stress And we don't realize that but you don't get the best of the best out of that right? It's good for fight-or-flight sympathetic mode But when you in a code when you want to be about it's not good if you need to think if you're in stress It doesn't help you study, when you're stressed, it doesn't help you give a presentation, when you're stressed, it doesn't help you perform Cognitively because it shuts down cortisol. Adrenaline big parts of your brain. So stress management. So, how are you managing your stress?

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