Landmarks in American history

A European Settlement and the French Wars In the 17th century, settlers from England and from Holland started to make their home in America. Many of them were from small religious groups who suffered persecution in Europe. In the 18th century, France fought England for control of Canada and the northern border. Both sides used the help of Native Americans, but England won the war in 1763. The War of Independence After the French Wars, some US states began to rebel against control and taxation by England and its King, George III. In 1776, thirteen states declared independence from England. A war between the English army and the Americans lasted until 1781 when the United States of America became an independent country. The Civil War In the 19th century, states were created in the west, where settlers took land from the Native Americans and farmed it. The southern states used many slaves from Africa and the Caribbean on their plantations, but the northern states wanted to ban slavery. In 1861, eleven southern states left the USA and set up their own Confederacy. A civil war lasted until 1865 when the southern states surrendered and their slaves were freed.

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