McDonalds targeted in obesity lawsuit

The US fast food industry and health campaigners are watching closely a lawsuit filed on behalf of several obese teenagers who claim the fast-food company McDonald's is responsible for making them fat. The lawsuit, filed by lawyer Samuel Hirsch in a Manhattan federal court, alleges that McDonald's deliberately misled consumers into thinking their cheeseburgers and other products were healthy and nutritious. It says the company did not adequately provide information on the health risks associated with fast food and the children developed health problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity from eating its products. "I had always believed McDonald's was healthy for my son," the Mother of the plaintiff said. 
If Hirsch is successful, fast-food companies fear that it could start a series of further suits and huge payments to victims - potentially running into billions of dollars - similar to those that have severely damaged the tobacco industry. The mother of one of the children, who at the age of 15 weighs more than 180 kilos, said in papers filed before the court that "I had always believed McDonald's was healthy for my son". McDonald's has asked the court to dismiss the case.

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