Modern families: Ben and Trudi

I'm Ben, from Portland, Oregon, and my family is a bit complicated! I've got a sister called Ella, but three years ago my parents got divorced and now both of them are re-married. We live with my mom, Julie, and my stepfather, Bob. Bob's got a daughter called Daisy, but she doesn't live with us, she lives with her mom. My father's name is Pete. He and his second wife have just had a baby boy, Charles, so I've got a new half-brother! 

My name's Trudi, and I've got a sister called Beth. Our mum and dad are divorced, so we live with just our mum in the suburbs of Melbourne, Australia. Our dad has an apartment in the center of town, and we spend o every other weekend there. After school every day we go to our grandma's house and have a meal there because our mum doesn't finish work until six o'clock. She collects us at half-past six, except on Wednesday evenings when we go swimming with our dad.

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