Two ordinary days: Simon

Thanks for your letter - I've finally found an American penfriend! To answer some of your questions: I'm 16. My dad's a computer technician and my mum works in a factory. I've got two younger sisters - Kirsty and Laura. You say that you don't know anything about life in the UK, so I'm going to tell you about a typical day in our house. My mum gets up really early, before 6.00, because she has to leave the house at 6.45. The rest of us get up at 7.00. We don't sit down together for breakfast - it's too chaotic. We leave the house at 8.15. Dad drives to the center of town, and I walk with my sisters to the bus stop. School starts at 9.00. We have lunch at school at 12.30, and lessons finish at 3.30. Sometimes we walk home. We get home at the same time as Mum - 4.00. She gives us something to eat at about 6.00 because we're starving, but Dad doesn't get home until after 7.00, because the traffic can be really bad. She and Dad eat a meal at about 8.00, while we're watching TV or doing our homework. Mum and the girls go to bed at about 10.00 and Dad and I stay up watching films on SKY*. I have to go to bed at 11.00. I don't know why Dad doesn't go to bed then too, because he always falls asleep in the middle of a film and goes to bed at about 1am!

*SKY - satellite TV company

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