Two ordinary days: Tracey

Here is a normal day with my family. My mom and dad get up at 6.30, and Mom makes breakfast for us all. My brother Tom and I get up at 7.00. We're lucky because the school bus stops right outside our door! We leave the house when we see it coming around the corner! That's at eight o'clock. Our school day starts at half past eight, and we eat lunch at school too - at 12 o'clock. Lessons finish at half past three, but we don't usually get home until 5.00, because Tom and I stay at school to do sport and music after the lessons. Dad leaves for work at 7.30 (he's a dentist), and he gets home at 6.00. My mom doesn't work. We all eat dinner together at about half past seven. Then we do homework, play computer games, or surf the Internet until bedtime (10.00). We don't watch much TV in our house. So that's it - pretty boring, huh?

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