About my family: Jonathan

I’m going to tell you about my family. I live with my little sister, mum, and dad. We live in London, although I grew up in Lancaster, a beautiful city in the North of England. My dad’s name is Pierre. He’s from France, and he speaks English and French. When he was young, my mother went to France on a student exchange, and they met there. A few years later, my dad moved to England and married my mum. He works as a French teacher. He’s very tall –much taller than my mum– and athletic. He’s got short blonde hair and blue eyes. My mum’s name is Anna. She’s English. She’s quite short, and she’s got long curly brown hair and brown eyes. She works at a chemist opposite our home. She can speak French too! My sister Julia is 18 years old, and she’s got the same color of hair and eyes as my father. She loves playing the piano and dancing. She’s very talented, and she would like to be a professional musician. I’ve got short blonde hair like my dad, but brown eyes like my mom. We all love playing board games together on Friday evenings, and we always order pizza. Our favorite game is Monopoly. Oh, I almost forgot…we’ve also got a pet cat, Snowball. She’s all white and has got a lot of fur. She likes sleeping on me.

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