Commonwealth heroes

Cathy Freeman, Australia (1994 Games in Victoria). In 1994 Cathy Freeman became the first Aboriginal sprinter to win a gold medal in the Commonwealth Games and the first athlete in Commonwealth history to win golds in both the 200m and 400m events. She caused a stir after the races, too, by carrying the Aboriginal flag as well as the Australian flag in a lap of victory. She was voted Australian of the Year in 1998, and in 2000 she was chosen to light the Olympic flame in Sydney. 

Lennox Lewis, Canada (1986 Games in Edinburgh). Back in 1986, an unknown heavyweight boxer fighting under the Canadian flag ran away with the gold medal at the Edinburgh Games. Two years later he also took gold at the Seoul Olympics. Now a professional and fighting for Britain, where he was born, Lewis was the first boxer to win both world heavyweight titles since Mike Tyson. 

Alan Wells, Scotland (1978 Games in Edmonton, 1982 Games in Brisbane). Alan Wells has won three Commonwealth medals, but that's not what he's most famous for. In a strange incident in the Brisbane 200m final he was jointly awarded the gold medal with Englishman Mike McFarlane when computers registered their times as identical - 20.43 seconds. Wells also won gold at the 100m in the Moscow Olympics, making him one of the most successful Scottish athletes ever.

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