Dancing in the street. Breaking and battling

Breakdancing emerged in New York in the 1970s. The style of movement, which combines dance, gymnastics, and boxing was performed by kids, often in teams, in competitions at street corners. Breakdancing was part of the larger hip-hop culture that also incorporated rappers, DJs, and graffiti artists. The Rock Steady Crew from the Bronx was one of the first hip-hop groups and became world-famous. The group still organizes a Rock Steady Crew Anniversary every year in New York to celebrate hip-hop culture and its main focus is always a street dance competition The Anniversary attracts competitors of all different ethnic types from all over the world and over 20,000 observers. 
Hip-hop terms: 
breaking/breakdancing: dancing to hip- music, often close to the ground, or even on your hands or your head 
b-boy/b-girl: breakdancer 
crew: breakdance team 
battle: breakdance competition 
MC: a rapper, someone who speaks rhythmically over a beat 
DJ: someone who plays records for people to rap or dance to 
scratching: when a DJ moves a record with his hand to interrupt or repeat the music 
Breakdance moves 
donkey: jumping onto your hands from a standing position, and then flipping back onto your feet again
flares: supporting yourself on your hands and swinging your legs round 
handglide: spinning on one hand 
headspin: spinning on your head 
popping: making sliding movements, like a robot 
windmill: spinning on your back, without using your hands

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