Extreme sports

1. Kite surfing 
What do they do? Surf on a surfboard attached to a power kite that can take them into the air. Kitesurfers have to learn to control both the surfboard and the kite at the same time, and perform tricks and turns while in the air Where do they do it? The Whitsunday Islands, 74 tropical islands between the mainland and the Great Barrier Reef are ideal for beginner kitesurfers thanks to the warm, flat water that surrounds them. The islands have become such a popular destination that Whitehaven Beach there is now known as Kitehaven Beach! Danger rating: 3/5 

2. Freestyle motocross 
What do they do? Perform stunts on special light, powerful, off-road bikes. Using ramps, riders can jump over obstacles up to 35m. While in the air they perform special moves such as the "whip" (turning the bike sideways in the air), the "superman" (kicking their legs out behind them and flying parallel to the bike) and the "cliff hanger" (fixing their feet under the handlebars and releasing their hands). Where do they do it? There will be a whole day of motocross at the Planet X Summer Games in Sydney this November - the thrill-seekers' Olympics! Danger rating: 4/5 

3. Street luge 
What do they do? Lie on their backs on large skateboards only 4cms from the ground, traveling on the road at speeds of nearly 130kph. The boards are specially built to fit each rider, who must wear a leather suit and a full motorbike helmet. Riders use their feet as brakes. Roads are closed for competitions, but not for practice sessions, so a car always follows each luger in case of accidents. Where do they do it? Melbourne has lots of clubs that practise most Saturdays. See our message board for details. Danger rating: 4/5 

4. Base jumping 
What do they do? Jump off tall structures (BASE = buildings, antennae, span (bridges), earth) and land with a parachute. To begin base jumping you have to already be a competent skydiver, with experience of 150 parachute jumps. Base jumping has a controversial reputation. Jumpers have a 95% chance of ending up in hospital at some point in their career. The sport is even illegal in some countries, including the USA. Where do they do it? Anywhere (often illegally)! Frenchman's Cap in Tasmania (a 340m high cliff) is a popular spot. Danger rating: 5/5

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