Mall rats

My friends and I go to the mall every day after school. It's just somewhere to spend time with your friends. We usually just hang out or walk up and down looking in the clothes shops. We don't often buy anything. We go to the mall at the weekends, too, and go to the movie theater there or hang out in the ice cream parlor. We always make sure we look good when we go to the mall in case there are any cute boys there! 
 We take the kids to the mall every weekend because they often have special activities there, like children's shows and games. We also go to the bowling alley there too, and the kids love eating at the food court - there's so much choice: Mexican, Italian, Thai – and plenty of fast food, of course! We get the weekly groceries at the mall too, and sometimes Vanessa goes to the spa there. It's great having everything under one roof. 
My friends and I go to the mall about twice a week. We play games in the arcade, and we like to check out the latest DVDs and computer games in the shops. You can even listen to music or try out the new games in some shops. And we like to buy the latest sports clothes, too. Sometimes, if it's raining at the weekend, we go to the indoor skate park at the mall, too. 
I go to the mall every Saturday. I don't go for any particular reason, but I like to look in the designer shops and the cosmetics shops and I usually end up buying something. Sometimes when I get it home I realize that I didn't really want the thing I bought - or that it doesn't go with anything else I've got! But I like to see what's new, and there's a really good atmosphere there.

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