Millions chill out at 100 °F

Sizzling Sunday had Brits steaming yesterday on the hottest day EVER. The temperature officially reached 37.9 °C (100.2 °F) at Heathrow Airport, topping the 37.1 °C recorded in 1990 - but elsewhere thermometers rose to 101 or even higher. Bookies got a £1 million roasting as punters cleaned up on the temperature soaring past the 100 °F mark for the first time. Travelers and workers at Heathrow were grabbing stocks of ice creams, lager, and soft drinks as they wilted in the heat. “All our chocolates are melting," moaned sales assistant Martin Stankiwicz. "But ice cream sales have gone through the roof." One traveler, Aaron Rouse, 25, said: "There's half a dozen ambulances outside because people keep dehydrating." Elsewhere, shoppers huddled around supermarket chiller cabinets to cool off. Roads in Great Leighs, Essex, melted, leaving the surface "like syrup". Ambulance crews in Hampshire treated 27 pensioners who collapsed from the heat in church Faced with paying out £250,000 on the record being broken and the temperature passing 100 °F, a spokesman for bookies William Hill moaned: “It's the worst weather result we have ever seen."

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