Online shopping

My name is Sara, and I love shopping online. I prefer mobile phone apps, but sometimes I use my computer. The phone is more convenient for me, and I can even do my shopping from bed! I love shopping so much that I buy everything I need at home. I get food, electronics, books, and even large pieces of furniture like my sofa and bookshelves all online! But I still prefer getting clothes from a store so I can try them on to be sure they fit me fine. Yesterday, I bought a birthday present for my mother, and it arrived today! That saves me a lot of time. I am a very busy person, and I am a little forgetful too. If I think of something I need, then it is wonderful that I can buy it at that moment. My friends aren’t as comfortable with buying things online as I am because they think that it can be dangerous. Of course, bad things sometimes happen, but I am very careful with all of my personal details. I think the biggest fear that people have with using their credit cards online is that someone will steal their number. It is important to be sure that the web page is secure. You can see this if the address has got an “s” in it, like https://. That “s” means it is safe. People should not be afraid of shopping online. I think it will be the only way we will do our shopping in the future!

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