Three American Festivals

Burning Man is an event that started in 1986 in Black Rock City, Nevada. People go to the desert and build a giant community for nine days. At the end of the festival, they burn a giant wooden statue of a man. That’s where the name comes from. The festival celebrates inclusion, community, and responsibility. Everyone should share their talents so others can enjoy them for free. It is now also very popular with young influencers on social media and other famous people.
The Taste of Buffalo in Buffalo, New York, is the largest 2-day food festival in the country every year. Nearly half a million people visit the festival to eat food from over 50 restaurants. There are over 200 different dishes to try! Most of the food is from regional restaurants, and it is a great family event. You can listen to live music from 2 stages, walk through the parks and downtown as well as participate in a lot of different family-friendly activities.
The National Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington D.C. is a spring event that remembers the gift of cherry trees from Japan to the USA in 1912. The trees were a present from the mayor of Tokyo to the mayor of Washington DC. The first celebration was in 1934. There is a parade every year with large balloons, marching bands from all over the country, and concerts. There are also a lot of different shows and events, such as a kite flying festival, a 10-mile run, and fireworks at night.

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