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New technology always brings changes and new additions to the language, but the telecommunications revolution of the last few years has caused some of the most rapid and widespread changes yet seen. .... New words, such as webcast, are entering the language all the time to put a name to concepts that haven't existed before, and existing words are being used in a new way. For example, the words access and text, previously used only as nouns, are now commonly used as verbs in phrases such as to access the Internet and to text someone. Other words, such as chat, which used to mean 'casual verbal communication' but now means 'live email communication', have taken on entire new meanings. In addition, many of these English words - the most obvious being computer itself - have spread outside of the English- speaking world and become part of a global language of technology. Thanks to the influence of the American computer industry, users of British English have abandoned some British spellings in favor of their American equivalents, such as program instead of programme and disk instead of disc. ... Finally, the style and tone of the language itself is changing. Although they are written forms of communication, the immediacy of emails and text messages means that their language is usually much more informal than a letter would be, even in a business context. And, to the concern of many people, spelling and punctuation are becoming much more unconventional.

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