English Language Tutor Online

Learn the skill to speak and understand English in 9-12 months, using our own method of natural acquisition of foreign languages combined with the best technologies for personal development and psychology. 

Alex and Marina are professional tutors of English with great experience in teaching languages, self-development, and psychology. Both have education in linguistics, international relationships, and psychology. Provided over 10 000 classes. We have our own websites and books which are being translated now into other languages. 

The main goal of our teaching is to help you to speak English easily, using the technology of natural acquisition of a foreign language. By getting constant assistance from us as tutors you will have quick personal progress. We will help you to integrate English into your personal schedule and according to your individual needs. We have already taught over 150+ students. Our educational system is constantly improving. All you have to do is to follow our professional recommendations, which are harmoniously combined with your goals and life aspirations. 

How is the learning going 

The learning is divided into 2 stages. The first stage lasts up to one year. We develop fundamental skills in speaking, listening comprehension, grammar, phonetics, and vocabulary. The main goal is to instill the habit to learn English every day with pleasure. From the first lessons, you will start speaking. After 2 months you will use basic grammatical and phonetic rules in your speech. You will use English in a natural way trying to improve your skills every day. 

At the second stage, we completely focus on practice. We watch American TV shows and serials, communicate in English, meet foreigners for language exchange, and study the subtle features of grammar. We will teach you the habit to use English in daily life. 

During both stages, we will have a casual conversation on different themes. We will teach you to carry on any discussion easily. The classes have a psychotherapeutic effect that helps you to broaden your mind and have alternative views on many important things. 

Besides we pay a lot of attention to self-development. We will motivate you to learn English as one of the aspects of self-development. And you may have an interest in sport, painting, dancing or other activities. 

The learning is held via Skype or GoogleMeet. You can study from any place, time zone, and device, the main thing is to have the Internet. The strategy is the same for everyone, but the levels are different for all students, so on the first free trial lesson you can find out all the details, as well as get answers to your questions. 

When you apply for the first free lesson, either Marina or me, Alex, will work with you, depending on who has free time and days that are convenient for you. 

How to start 

We conduct the first absolutely free trial class 40-60 minutes, where we will get to know each other. You will take a small live test, tell us about your goals and wishes. We will tell you about the lesson structure and what you will need to prepare for the first lesson. We choose convenient days and time for the lesson. It is recommended to study with a tutor 2 times a week. It is also allowed once a week. But it is important to study at home every day. Every student gets homework every day. It will be personally built for you. 


The class lasts 60 minutes. For students who signed up after April 1, 2021, the price of one lesson is 15 USD. You can study in a group of 2 people if you have a friend or relative who would also like to learn English with you and if you have approximately the same levels. In this case, the price for one person is 10 USD. Students pay only for the attended classes. Skipping classes is NOT paid if you warn a tutor in advance (not less than 12 hours before the lesson). The price does not change throughout all your classes, no matter how long you study. 

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