Choices, choices... Part 1

I am a student at a sixth-form college in Cambridge. I've just finished my AS level exams in Geography, Biology, English, and French but I haven't received the results yet. I still haven't finished my studies because I have to do my A-level exams next summer. I haven't decided yet what to do after A levels: go to university, get a job or do a gap year and then go to university after that. 
On the one hand, I could go to university immediately after my A levels. I could continue my studies and then find a well-paid job. The main advantage of a well-paid job is that I could pay back my loan quickly. However, I've heard that lots of students end up borrowing even more money. One of the disadvantages of going to university is that I couldn't afford to leave home so I'd end up having to stay at home for another three years with my parents. 
On the other hand, I could get a job straight after my A levels. There are two main advantages to this. The first is that I could earn my own salary and be independent very quickly. The second is that I could save up and buy a flat. I've seen flats for £50,000 in the center of town. 

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