Choices, choices... Part 2

However, there are also disadvantages to getting a job straight away. The main one is that I'd miss my friends. Since my friend Matthew started work last month, I've only seen him about three times. He's stuck in an office from 9.00 am until 6.00 pm every day. Then again, I could wait for a year before going to university and do a gap year. One big advantage is that it would be a good experience to see a different country and its lifestyle. I've never been abroad before and I could even learn another language. I've searched the Internet recently and found a lot of good organizations. On the other hand, if I do this I would need money to pay for the trip. This would mean getting a part-time job while studying for A levels. In conclusion, I think that I might wait and see what results I get in my exams next summer and I think I'll probably go to university straight after school. I'm not keen to get a job straight away and miss out on my youth and I don't think a gap year is a good option because I'm not sure I could work and study at the same time.

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