Hear Today, Gone Tomorrow: part 1

The pop music industry has existed since the days of the Motown 'factory' in 1960s America, but few groups can have appeared (and disappeared) quite as rapidly as the UK's Hear'Say. In 2000, the UK's TV audience was gripped by the first series of Popstars, where 3,000 hopeful young singers competed for the opportunity to be part of a pop group that would guarantee them fame and fortune. Public interest in the five winners, Danny, Noel, Myleene, Kym, and Suzanne, was so high that they were hidden at a secret location until they had recorded their first songs. When they came out of seclusion in February 2000, they had a new image and a new name. Their first single, Pure and Simple, sold over 1 million copies and went straight to number 1 in the charts - making it the best-selling debut single of all time. Their first album, Popstars, also went to number one and they had another four top-ten singles.

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