Hear Today, Gone Tomorrow: part 2

Hear'Say were deliberately 'sold' to the under-14s market. As well as the usual books, calendars, and posters, 10,000 Hear'Say dolls were produced and a range of clothing was planned. In the summer of 2001, however, rumors started appearing in the newspapers of divisions within the group, and their second album, Everybody, only reached number 24. In January 2002, Kym left the group (having earned over £1 million in less than a year). Widely-publicized auditions were held to choose a replacement for her but in October 2002 the group finally split, complaining that 'fans' were booing them at their concerts and shouting abuse at them in the streets. So what became of Hear'Say? Kym married a soap star and is still singing, and Myleene has launched a new career in classical music, but the other members of the group have faded into oblivion. There have even been rumors that they are working in ordinary low-paid jobs again. But despite the obvious fact that the record and TV companies made the most money from the Hear'Say experience, this didn't deter thousands of younger people queuing up for places on the second series of Popstars, or its imitators Pop Idol and Fame Academy. It would appear that for many youngsters, a taste of fame is more important than artistic recognition or financial security. 

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