Holidays: part 1

Dear Gemma, I'm having a great time here in Magaluf, even though my parents are here too! Everything's been planned for us the Flights, the hotel, excursions, barbecues, beach parties - it's fantastic! And the weather is brilliant. I wanted to practise my Spanish, but everyone here speaks English anyway. In fact, there are more British people here than Spanish How's life back in Glasgow?!  

Dear Grandad, greetings from Tuscany! We only arrived last night. We flew to Pisa, and then Dad collected a hire car at the airport. It took us two hours to get to the villa, though, because it's in the hills, and Dad got lost twice in the dark! The villa is fantastic. It's got a pool and a games room! Nobody wants to cook tonight, so we're going to the pizzeria in the village.

Dear Mom and Dad, Sorry we didn't write before, but we're really busy here at Camp Redwood! There's so much to do every day. Yesterday we tried white-water rafting and on Monday night we went on a night hike. It was quite scary, and we didn't get back to camp until 3 am! The dormitories aren't very comfortable, and the food is terrible, but we don't mind! See you in August! 

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