Holidays: part 2

Dear Harry, We finally made it to Nepal! I can't believe that it's June already – the weeks have flown by. What a fantastic experience! Pakistan, India, Tibet, and finally the foothills of Mount Everest! Life will never be the same again! I'll tell you all about it when we get home - we'll have hundreds of slides. I hope this postcard reaches you before we do! 

Dear Elizabeth, This is the fifth day of our tour, and the sixth country we've visited! This really is a dream come true. You must come to Europe someday - it's so different from home. Just imagine - the Tower of London, the Eiffel Tower, the coliseum, the Acropolis - all in ten days! Don't forget to water my plants!

Dear Mum, Here we are at Golden Sands again. The weather isn't very good, but we're having a good time. The caravan is great - really spacious. There's plenty of room for all four of us inside. And the kids are loving it here. It's great for young children - lots of organized activities, and entertainment in the evening. Sometimes Jeff and I even get some time to ourselves! 

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